With the significant drop in traditional retail sales due to the pandemic, brands know they need to refocus and grow DTC sales to survive and, in fact, prosper.

In 2020 Kingstar Direct pivoted its focus to help partners reach those goals while driving target MER/CPAs.

Driving ROI is in our DNA and we’ve created an e-commerce growth strategy that can be applied to any vertical. From housewares to beauty to health we have helped drive 8 figures in digital revenue in the past 12 months for numerous partners who had little to no sales online pre-pandemic.

Our e-commerce growth strategy is broken out into 6 parts.

Step 1 – Ideate & Set KPI’s

Our first step is to set up a discovery call with the client to understand the product or products and specific USPs.

With 50+ years of combined experience in direct response and market research, we help clients determine the ideal positioning/messaging for their products. We then create a detailed content wish list to build our creative production plan.

We establish KPIs (benchmarks) with the client and what CPA and ROAS (MER) are required to maintain profitability. We ideate offers that drive consumer engagement while maintaining profitability.

Step 2 – Create

This is where the true power of Kingstar Direct comes to light. Our expert team uses the shot list created in step 1 to build made for social creative that is designed for direct-to-consumer sales.

The videos are 7-30s in length, include music, captions and are shot in the aspect ratios that are built for mobile viewing.

Our obsession with the first 3sec of video content challenges us to create multiple openings so our media team has everything they need to drive engagement and sales via paid social campaigns (more on this in step 4).

During the production, a stills photographer captures high-quality images that will be used to develop the custom Shopify website.

Step 3 – Shopify site design

Over the past 2 years, our team has tested 100s of different Shopify themes and designs. Through this work, we have discovered a template that is built for mobile engagement and drives high conversion rates.

Each Shopify site is customized depending on the product and is constantly a/b tested to improve conversion % week over week.

We leverage the content created in step 2 to build beautifully designed sites that tell the story and display the product in a modern format.

Since Shopify is a Facebook partner, their platform is built for direct-to-consumer ad traffic from Facebook & Instagram.

Step 4 – Paid Social Media Campaign

Now that we have determined the product positioning, built an engaging creative, and mobile-focused website our team is ready to start driving sales via the Facebook ad network.

We use the experience from buying over $100M in digital ads to create a performance-focused digital campaign that is tailored to the target demographic and set up to achieve the KPIs set in step 1.

Leveraging custom optimization tactics, we consistently reach purchase happy consumers. We then monitor the campaign to ensure it is reaching the target CPA/MER daily.

Our goal is to drive revenue and profit from Day 1 of the campaign.

Step 5 – Detailed Analytics

Our team is obsessed with data. We are constantly leveraging Shopify & Facebook analytics to feed data into our proprietary reporting system.

We provide weekly reports to the client that detail performance by creative, placement, device, and demographic. And use this data to make smart decisions and optimize the campaign to improve performance.

The analysis helps us identify top-performing creatives and product positionings and identify winning tactics.

Step 6 – Scale revenue

Once we complete our 4-week test we outline strategies to scale revenue via paid media on digital and offline channels like TV & Radio.

This e-commerce test and grow model starts at just $20,000 and includes a custom Shopify site, 50+ made for social videos and images, and over $10,000 in paid media on Facebook & Instagram. Achieving target KPIs cannot only recoup this investment but help identify your path to success and brand building.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Kingstar Direct today and become the next DTC success story!