Content That Drives Sales

The days of brands creating ads and content solely for a single marketing channel of television, radio, and print media are long gone. With so much of our lives being connected online, the modern world of advertising is similarly focused on digital content and social media campaigns, creating a blended approach of traditional and digital for marketing. 

Here are Kingstar Media’s tips to help approach this strategy, with the basic how to’s on creating brand content that drives sales.

Define Your Target Audience

Alongside any traditional ad spend typically used these days for mass reach, digital content provides a more funnelled down strategy, helping reach much more niche audiences for a targeted campaign. These usually result in the content being specifically created to appeal to the targeted audience to better guarantee sales and conversion rates.

This requires a general understanding of which audiences would be most interested in your product, usually found by generating new leads found from analytics of past campaigns. Common examples would be using analytics to find which demographic views your content the most or doing a deep dive to find small communities related to your product or service and targeting them appropriately.

Create Content For Your Target Audience

Once a new target audience is found, brands must create content specifically targeted for them. A great benefit of social media being generally wide is that brands can create multiple kinds of content that can be specific to any one group at a time, usually allocating targeted content through the use of paid promotions.

This allows brands to create a variety of content ranging from blogs, video content, and infographics. By using analytics to find which type of content works best for any which audience, marketers can gain an idea for which type of content gains the most traction and build on it for later campaigns.

Invest In Influencer Marketing

Since online content creation marketing generally consists of a lengthy process of generating leads for new customers, establishing credibility with them, and further engaging them with more content, there is a faster method that should be considered. Growing in popularity over the past decade, influencer marketing is a new trend of digital marketing that taps into an already established sense of trust between a content creator and their audience for the benefit of your brand.

In short, influencer marketing both places your brand in front of an interested audience and establishes credibility thanks to a paid promotion during an influencer’s content. Usually taking form in an ad read from the influencer in the middle of their usual content, this cuts out a lot of the hard work that goes into establishing brand credibility. By using influencers as a part of your content marketing campaign, brands can find new leads on niche audiences and gather their support faster than the traditional way of the bottom of the funnel, targeted marketing. If you want more information on how to find the right influencers for your brand and make the most out of a campaign with them, check out our influencer marketing blog.

With years of experience in marketing analytics, media buying, and guiding content creation itself, Kingstar Media has all the expertise to help your brand pursue a successful content marketing campaign to help drive sales and increase conversion rates. If you need help approaching content creation and digital marketing, chat with us today via our contact page.