New Avenues For Videos

Video has always been an effective medium for marketing. Since television popularized the space for video advertising and established it to maximize mass brand reach, the video has been the go-to marketing tool for decades. Recent trends even seem to add more to the platform, with digital marketing offering more new avenues for video than ever before. Thanks to new innovations from popular digital platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, video marketing can maximize brand voice effectively and more efficiently than other forms of marketing.

Establishing Emotions

Video has a unique sense of having one up over other forms of marketing due to its ability to better convey emotions, a huge selling point for most advertisements. More specifically, portraying or establishing emotions through storytelling has always been best suited for video, an advertising aspect that drives brand interest and sales as a result – the pathos of an advertisement.

With video content and advertisements now finding more space on platforms through innovations such as YouTube video pre-roll ads, video-embedded banner ads, and more, video marketing be an endless possibility for brand growth and more. With further help from AI-driven ad targeting, brands can achieve sales from their most interesting prospective audiences by establishing emotion and in their video advertisements.

Capitalize On Video Influencers

An important aspect to understand further is that audience members will also be more interested in your product or service if your advertisement seamlessly connects to the content that they are choosing to watch. With many people looking to independent YouTube and Instagram content creators for their forms of entertainment, new paradigms of advertisements have similarly grown to capitalize on the emerging market. Specifically, influencer marketing, a form of advertising through tapping into the credibility of a celebrity or person of interest, has been the centre of focus for the marketing world in recent years.

Through a well-curated influencer ad read, marketers help increase brand awareness through the already established relationship the influencer has with their audience, in a sense syncing your brand voice with the content creator and their audience. As YouTube and Instagram audiences are already ready to receive video content, using video influencer ad reads or other similar video content on popular platforms is an easy way to maximize brand reach and voice.

With its ability to tell stories and establish emotion with ease, juxtaposed with the many innovations and platforms for video marketing as a whole, the medium of video has never had as many options and possibilities available to marketers as it does today. With over 60% of businesses worldwide using video as a marketing tool and 6 out of 10 people choosing to watch videos online rather than on television, the benefits of using video marketing as a tool only seem to be increasing by the year. If you are interested in pursuing a digital video marketing campaign, TV video ad campaign, or even both, Kingstar Media has over a decade of experience with expertise in both digital and traditional media buying and strategizing. Contact us today and find out about all the unique prospects Kingstar can bring to your brand.