Testing new creative often feels like gambling, as there is only a 65% sales success rate from creative. Every digital marketer knows that it is difficult to find new creative that outperforms the control (the winning creative). This high failure rate is often daunting and humbling, but it highlights the importance of consistently testing new creative on a weekly or daily basis.

What are the Benefits of Testing New Creatives?

Testing creative allows companies to discover details and marketing tactics that will allow their content to thrive. Testing things like different closed captions, openings and ad copies are all effective.

The typical rule of thumb is to allocate 5-10% of the ad budget for testing. This helps brands identify their most responsive audiences and determine the most effective ad placements before running the new creative iterations across larger campaign budgets.

By setting up test campaigns, brands can use analytics to review their results and use the information to further refine ads. Based on creative testing results, brands should focus on increasing click-through rates, adapting messaging to the most successful audiences, and consistently optimizing every aspect of their ad strategy from the data results.

Quantitative Testing

Another benefit to testing creative is that it isn’t limited to one particular aspect. Creative copy, graphics, audiences, attribution windows, everything is fair game for testing and should be kept in mind when evaluating the success or failure of any test creative. However, it should be known that consistently testing for success is an easy way to jog up your ad spend. Most brands can’t afford to blow an entire marketing budget on testing just to find the perfect caption, so it’s best to test creative on a quantitative basis.

Understand The Data and Use It For Future Campaigns

After pulling data from quantitative test campaigns, brands can help narrow their most accurate and successful marketing tactics to use in other campaigns. Namely, marketers can better target their future content using lookalike audiences built from their most successful test campaigns

Thanks to advanced analytics and optimization capabilities from ad networks like Facebook, brands can better comb through data and quickly identify the proper audiences and creative to focus on.

Through the creation of performance-driven content for digital platforms, backed by the results and data gathered from creative testing, brands are able to achieve success and limited wasted spend.

With almost two decades of marketing and media buying experience, Kingstar Media has helped brands successfully test and optimize their creative content to successfully reach marketing goals with ease. If your brand needs help analyzing test data or simply wants to create new ads to help with future campaigns, contact us today by clicking this link.