Jumpstart 2021

Like most of the world, we here at Kingstar Media are eager to leave this year of hardships and challenges far in the past. With an eye towards the future, we are carefully preparing for what the next steps in marketing and media buying are, aiming to guide our clients towards success in the aftermath of the current COVID-19 world. To better help for an easy transition back to normal, we wanted to share our social media strategies for 2021 to help marketers gain a jumpstart back into competition.

Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Reach

A major focus for the current world of social media is a people-based mindset. Essentially a way of boosting organic engagements and followers through other people’s posts about your brand, a people-based strategy is the fastest and most efficient way to increase your brand’s social media presence. Since social media users will always favor organic press and non-paid ads, this strategy helps your brand surpass the line of credibility that may sometimes be hard to reach. In fact, most brands use this sort of mindset when pursuing an influencer marketing campaign.

By tapping into another person or influencer’s trust with their audience, credibly places your brand in front of an audience, banking off endorsements through likes, comments, shares, or even influencer ad reads. Try to tailor your social strategy towards brand-related lifestyle posts that are worthy of shares, retweets, and other interactions to help your content get around for organic growth.

Diversify Social Media Presence 

While this next tip may not be new to 2021, it is a tried-and-true strategy that has helped for years. Diversifying your brand’s social media presence is key to reaching new audiences and demographics, especially today where attention is diverted all over the place. As we have talked in the past about a synchronized traditional and digital advertising campaign that drives attention from one medium to the other, we know that any audience’s attention can be driven quickly from one platform to the next.

Looking at social media specifically, it is more than likely that users jump from one app to the next, noting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now TikTok as the most popular. To gain mass attention, it is best to have your brand on all of these accounts with unified updates overall. Not only will it better reach the cross-platform audiences, but will also put your content in front of those who are only on one social media platform as well. As always, pay close attention to trends on specific platforms and update your accounts accordingly to better entice further brand growth and attention.

If you’re looking for help in pursuing a modern approach to social media in 2021, Kingstar Media would be glad to help your brand grow organically through new and exciting strategies. If you want to learn about everything we can offer to your brand, please contact us via our contact page.