In marketing, it’s bound to happen that some content will perform better than others. There are analytics, market research, and targeting that can lead ensure campaign content will achieve success. Luckily, thanks to the varied platforms for both digital and traditional marketing, marketers can repurpose plenty of both successful and misfired content in different ways. By repurposing content, marketers can capitalize on successful work, retry or revive failed content, and reach new audiences and demographics – All while saving time and money.

Expanding Digital Market

With new forms of social media and the expanding digital market, brands have many different chances to share any one piece of marketing content. As social media platforms attract a differential audience, repurposed content can widen the target audience as well as conversion opportunities. Though one Facebook post might not achieve optimal engagement rates, it has the opportunity to perform well on Twitter or Instagram. Repurposing content from one platform to another is an excellent way to save time and budget through the creative process to reach new audiences who can see your content for the first time.

How to Repurpose Content

The main point of repurposing is to save time, effort, and money on the creative process; however, some unique difference can still require a bit of imagination and effort from the marketing team. It boils down to the content the brand has on hand. The easiest solutions for repurposing content can be converting a recorded interview into a YouTube video by adding a still image or transcribing a webinar or public speech into talking points for a blog. When looking at the content you want to repurpose, keep in mind the many ways it can be altered to be appropriate for other platforms.

Here are a few ideas for repurposing existing brand content:
• PowerPoint Presentations to Videos: Screen record PowerPoint slides and set it against background music for an easy video. Use sites such as SlideShare to gain more exposure from new audiences.
• Video Interviews into Online Content: Turn video interview segments into webinars or upload your videos to YouTube. Edit out important short segments of an interview for social posts.
• Turn Data from Market Research into Infographics: Share gathered data from surveys or reports into infographics for LinkedIn posts, webinars, or internal emails.
• Share Product Reviews in Social Ads: Show prospective customers why your product deserves attention with collected product reviews from publications or existing customers edited into an attention-grabbing ad graphic.

Repurposing content can be a fun and easy way to achieve your brand’s marketing goals against a relatively tight budget or timespan. With good knowledge of marketing platforms and a bit of creativity towards your brand’s existing content resources, marketers can effectively repurpose content for even better ROI on both successful and failed content. If you need help repurposing any of your content, contact Kingstar today to see what Canada’s #1 media buying and full-service marketing firm can do for you.