Dynamic ads are a unique type of advertising technology that has defined recent trends in digital media buying over the past few years. Simply defined as advertisements that automatically change to best adapt content and promotions based on a buyer persona, dynamic ads are key to modern audience targeting. They cut the cost of creative testing in half. By testing multiple creative iterations through the use of dynamic ads, marketers can discover what resonates the most with any one type of audience at a much more efficient rate.

Most commonly found on Facebook, the ins and outs of creating dynamic advertisements are relatively simple. Marketers choose multiple sets of creative assets, from ad copy to images or videos. Then Facebook’s algorithm automatically pairs the best combination and sends it to the target demo. Through dynamic creative reporting advertisers can see which iteration performs the best.

Experimenting with Dynamic Ads

This sort of split (or A/B) testing allows us to use Facebook’s dynamic ad system to test new creative against the control (the winning creative). Take, for example, using two different images for a new product to target a young adult demographic, one of just the product and one of a young adult using it.

Considering the number of variables and combinations based on the ad elements ranging from alternate options for text, images/videos, headlines, link descriptions, and call to action buttons, the process is essentially a science experiment that can lead to a wide number of creative outcomes. When combined with advanced targeting strategies, dynamic ads can reach niche audiences more effectively than before.

Furthering Steps in Repurposing Creative Testing

Dynamic ads can also provide testing for additional types of creative and targeting. Remarketing or repurposing products or offers through dynamic advertisements can help marketers better reach users who have already purchased from or engaged with an ad.

By testing a single element of an ad, marketers can better narrow down any iteration for better results, making their advertisements feel new and ever-adapting.

With decades of experience in digital marketing, Kingstar Media’s knowledge of audience targeting and creative testing provides a proven platform for testing. With a comprehensive understanding of buyer profiles, brand reach, demographics, and more, we can test successful iterations with dynamic advertisements. The end goal is to increase ROI and build brand awareness. Contact Kingstar today and learn about all the benefits our dynamic advertising strategy can help you!